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Tutorial # 3

Made with PS CS1. Guess the selective colour layer can be easily replaced using levels.  

 As requested by my fellow kttcoder and LJ friend,

sunrise_sets. Hope you find it useful and have fun with your spanking new CS3!!!
I couldn't recreate exactly the same icon, you know how messy my files are, had to guess which layers had been turned on and off, lol.


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so good

Animated banner tutorial

How to make this banner...

Made in PS CS1 and ImageReady. The banner part, I believe, it's perfectly translatable. Not sure about the animation part.

Long, no dial-up friendly tutorial! (I suppose...I have no dial-up)
I'm no expert, I'm just describing what I did. If you know an easier way, please share  =)
It may content weird use of English...if you don't understand the terms, use your imagination - or ask (that's maybe better)

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